A notice for customers to be aware of a recent Bosch recall on a batch of freestanding gas and electric cookers, made between January 2009 and October 2011.

Issue identified for recall: The adaptor between the gas supply and the appliance may crack and cause a potential gas leak, which could then lead to an explosion.

Batch numbers affected by recall: between 8901 and 9110.

If you have a Bosch cooker, the advice is to:

  • Check the appliance rating plate for the model number and batch number then check the appliance at www.gascookingsafety.com (link is external) to see if it is an affected model.
  • If you have an affected model, immediately shut off the gas supply to the appliance
  • Contact BSH Home Appliances Pty Ltd through the toll-free repair helpline on 1300 955 742 (available 24 hours Monday to Friday) to schedule a repair.

For further information please refer to:


(link is external)

were a PDF version of the recall notice is available to download and print.