In today’s post we discuss cleaning your gas cooktop. As the owner of a gas cooktop I know how easily they get dirty, and although it gets a good clean after cooking it is important to give it that extra good clean once in a while to ensure the area is sanitized and clean for cooking and keeps the cooktop itself it top notch condition…so it not only looks good but performs well.
Here are some tips to cleaning your gas cooktop:

– Begin by removing the grates, knobs and the burner covers from the cooktop and place these in a sink or bucket of hot soapy water (your usual dishwashing liquid is fine to use).

– Whilst the above is soaking, wet a soft cloth with warm water and either some dishwashing liquid or other non-abrasive cleaner (some people like to use Gumption however this is a personal preference) thoroughly wipe the cooktop using a circular motion – be careful however not to get any water down into the mechanisms of the stove or gas outlets. Dry with a clean dry cloth.

– By this time you’re your grates, knobs and burner covers would have soaked for a few minutes – take your clothes and wipe off any excess grime, which should come off easily after being soaked. If the grates, which seem to cop most of the overspill and burnt on reside, are still dirty these can be further cleaned by placing some baking soda directly onto the grates and scrubbing with your damp cloth or sponge.

– Let all the components dry thoroughly on a clean dry tea towel and once dry you can place all the components back onto the stove top and enjoy your new sparkling clean cooktop…at least until you cook dinner that is!!